Top benefits of polished concrete driveways

By on Sep 21, 2016 in Utility Blog

If you are thinking about enhancing the curb appeal of the house you will want to consider redoing the driveway as well. The driveway is one of the most prominent parts of the house exterior and thus it must be considered during the construction or renovation. It creates a pathway to the house and at the same time provides smooth surfaces for the movement of the cars in and out of the garage. This also means that the driveway has to withstand more pressure than the rest of the surfaces of the house. Vehicles are heavier and thus can corrode the surface more as compared to the foot. Here are some of the reasons why people consider polished concrete driveway in Melbourne.

Design versatility

Slabs offer the flat finish and the slates are usually limited to grey colour. However, the concrete driveways by JC Paving can be dyed into just about any colour of your choice. This means that you can design a really eye-catching driveway which would instantly enhance the curb appeal of the house and will be a perfect addition to the exteriors.

Concrete offers more design flexibility than many can imagine. There are innumerable polishing and texturing options available. This is the reason why it is far more versatile than most of the other conventional driveway materials. Whether you are looking for the brick pattern or cobblestone design, you can get it all with the polished concrete driveway.


More functional than the others

When it comes to functionality, there isn’t any other material that can come close to it in comparison. This type of floor can withstand just about any type of use, whether light or heavy.

This flooring is ideal for homes and commercial areas as it is very durable. However, if there is too much heavy vehicle movement then it can be made even stronger with epoxy. It can be layered with epoxy floor coating extending out right from your garage.

Concrete offers so much structural integrity that its use will soon become indispensable in household constructions soon, especially since more and more people are buying the heavy vehicles.

It offers durability

The driveway designed using polished and reinforced concrete can last for many decades. This is something unheard of with other materials. But you don’t need high level of maintenance to make it durable. It requires low maintenance and hence there are hardly any hassles associated with it. Polished concrete is easy to clean and hence it is used for other surfaces as well. For instance DIY concrete benchtops in Melbourne are quite popular these days.

It is cost-effective as well

With so many benefits, one is bound to think that concrete driveway must be very expensive. On the contrary, these driveways are one of the most cost-efficient options available today. Not only is this material is cheap to buy, installation also doesn’t cost a lot. Also, since they require low maintenance and offer high durability, they offer more cost savings.

Now that you understand the various types and benefits of concrete paving for your driveway. We recommend you do some due dilligence before you decide to go with any company. If you’re living in Melbourne then look no further! One of the best concrete paver in the industry just happens to be in your neighbourhood. Let me introduce to you JC Paving, the leading concrete paving expert, if you’d like to get in touch with them click here.